How to Lose Cheek Fat Faster [Best Ways]


How to lose cheek fat is one of the common question that you find everywhere. I’ve been active member of Yahoo groups and few education forums and I’ve seen many members asking about this question regularly – How to lose cheek fat?

I contacts one of the best beauticians in my place in order to help people to get aware of this question “how to lose cheek fat”?

Chubby or plump cheeks look good on babies and kids, but as a grown-up most of us wouldn’t want to be called by such a name. For a person with such plump cheeks, it might turn out to be a constant concern leading to anxiety. If you are wondering how to lose cheek fat, then here are some proven tips.

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How to Lose Cheek Fat

How to Lose Cheek Fat Quickly [Best Tips]

Before starting with the tips, it is important to understand that for some people such plump cheeks are a result of body fat deposited in face, while for the other it is due to the facial bone structure. If you belong to the former type, you’ll not be able to reduce weight on just your cheeks; instead you’ll have to work out to bring down your complete body weight.

The most effective and proved method to lose cheek fat is to follow a diet and exercise program in tandem. A proper diet program can not only help you to lose fat but also make you learn healthy eating habits. A good exercise regime can assist you to burn excess calories. We have dedicated the entire blog on “How to Lose Weight in your Face

how to lose cheek fat fast

How to Lose Cheek Fat Fast

Follow these handy tips to lose cheek fat quickly -

  • Engage yourself in any kind of physical activity of your choice like hiking, dancing, walking or running for around 150 minutes per week totally. This helps in burning the extra calories and in turn you can lose body fat.
  • In addition to any of these physical activities, you should also get involved in activities that are specially meant for toning your muscles (ex: weight lifting). You can burn more calories as your muscle builds up.
  • Estimate your basal metabolic rate (the calorie amount that you require for one day to maintain your present weight). Once you calculate this, set a point for the changes in calories consumption.
  • Reduce your intake of calories by using the basal metabolic rate as the starting point to increase the caloric deficit required to bring down weight further.
  • Consume foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fat-free dairy, and lean proteins to ensure that you get the required nutrients for your body to maintain healthy skin. Drink plenty of water, especially while working out and after that. If you lose too much of weight in your face and lose out hydrated healthy skin, you will probably get very loose skin in place of chubby cheeks.

Following these tips does not only help you to lose cheek fat but also in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which ultimately keep you fit. These are the best tips that helps you to answer How to lose cheek fat faster.

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