If you are a victim of face fat and have no idea how to lose weight in your face, you might not be knowing that there are many exercises that are present to reduce the fat on you face and to tone your facial muscles as well, then you don’t need to stress as I have mentioned a few exercises, foods to be avoided and few other tips in this post that will help you to free yourself of the stubborn facial fat that you have.

We need to avoid taking few diet management steps like reducing the intake of high protein foods, or excessive fatty acids etc. Facial fat can be the cause of many mortifying situations and most importantly, facial fat makes you look flabby, even though you may be having an otherwise slim body.

Many people are not too fond of their faces mainly because of the facial fat that they have and the biggest problem that they do not really know what to do about it in order to lose fat from face. In order to lose fat from your face, you might have tried many fake products that are currently existing in the market.

In order to know how to lose weight in your face, you need to do many exercises, as well as you have to take care of your diet and these 2 are considered as major and natural ways of losing fat on your face. Most of my clients ask me How to Get Rid of Double Chin, and I just decided to help them out with this article and few products that I suggest them to try out for 100% results to look good. 

Facial fat can be treated and reduced with the help of certain food and exercises. The role of food is paramount that helps you a lot in order to know how to lose weight in your face to a maximum extent and thus, you need to keep a tab on what you are eating.

Here are some of the exercises and food habits to follow in order to lose face fat.

#1. Exercise for the forehead and areas around the eyes

how to lose weight in your face - how to get rid of face fatYou simply need to position your palms on your eyes and try to draw your eyes downwards, while you raise your eyebrows to the maximum possible level. This will help you to strengthen the muscles of your forehead and to make the areas around the eyes firm. You need to sit in an upright position and close your eyes, then raise your eyebrows and try to look down with you eyes closes. It is one of the proven exercise that helps you to lose fat on your face. Doing this exercise for 10 mins at regular intervals, like around 3 – 5 times a day shows clear impact on how to get rid of double chin.

#2. Lips and cheeks

To tone the muscles of your lips and cheeks and surrounding areas, there are many exercises that you can do. The simplest of them is to put your thumb in your mouth and suck in as hard as possible. Then gradually remove the thumb from your mouth.

The next exercise involves keeping the index, middle and ring finger of your hand at right angles with your right cheek and then you need to move your head backwards and simultaneously move your cheek downwards and inwards and try to smile as hard as possible. This exercise when done regularly will help you to lose fat on your face, especially at cheeks.

#3. Chin

Another tough area to lose fat on your face is chin. This another problematic area as fat gets stored in the chin and the double chin is formed that really distorts the shape of the face. Getting rid of a double chin is quite a tough task. There are quite a few exercises that are present that will help you to reduce the fat on your chin.

Stick out you lower lip and try to cover your lip with it and then move your lower jaw upwards so that the muscle of the lower jaw is stretched completely. Be in the same position for at least 5 minutes.

Another way to reduce the chin fat is by sitting in an upright position and throwing your back so that then holding your lips in an “O” position and then counting up to 10 in the same position which is yet another and proven exercise if you are wondering how to lose weight in your face.

how to lose weight in your face - how to get rid of face fat#4. Avoid oily and junk food

In case you are desperate to lose fat from your face, then this is the first sacrifice that you need to make. You need to throw away all the instant cook foods that is present and stop frequenting all the different eateries that are present in your vicinity. The oily and junk food that you are taking are not just nil when it comes to nutrition but at they same time the have truckloads of calories and they do not even manage to appease your hunger completely if you seriously want to practise how to get rid of double chin.

#5. Do not take too much salt in your food

If you are a salt lover, then you need to free yourself from this as salt is also a big no-no in case you are attempting to lose fat from your face. Salt encourage water retention in your body and thus excess of salt in your body can have devastating results. Avoid salt in your food or at least try to reduce the amount of salt that you are using.

#6. Bid goodbye to fizz drinks and artificial juices

If you think that artificial juices are healthy then you need to think again as these do more harm than good to your body. Replacing water with colas or with juices is not a prudent idea at all, though they are sure to satisfy the taste buds of your mouth. Both the drinks have a high calorific content and fizz drinks are known to affect the bones as it is antagonistic with calcium.

In case you are thirsty and feel the urge to drink something more that water, then you can have some lemonade as this is completely harmless and will do you good by helping you on how to get rid of double chin.

You need to be regular with these set of exercises for quick  and long lasting results. These are some of the exercises that you need to do in order know how to lose weight in your face and how to get rid of Double Chin.

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